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Hes here!!! [29 Sep 2004|02:54am]
Oops i just realised i didnt update this after i had my baby...

So hmm i had a baby boy -

Stephen Alexander was born -
18th September 2004 @ 16:23
Weighing - 7 pound & 10 ounces
Measured - 20 inches

My waters broke at 06:15 on my due date 18th September had to rush straight to the hospital as there was meconium in my babies waters, so he was in distress. When i got there the midwife checked me and my labour wasnt progressing very well, so she put me onto a drip to speed up my labour as i had to deliver my baby quickly.

I was having horrible contractions on my back so after 4 hours of agonizing back ache(my baby was in a posterior position), i opted for an epidural, half an hour later it had kicked in and an hour after that i was ready to push! After 23 minutes of pushing my beautiful baby boy was born (I was so sure it was a girl =/ but very happy it was a boy as i really wanted a baby Stephen)
Little Stephen looked just like his daddy <3

My labour lasted 6 hours and 23 minutes...

Needed quite a few stitches on the inside and one on the outside. Started breastfeeding while i was at the hospital, went quite well at first but while i was there i didnt sleep at all cos the wee man was very unsettled and hungry a lot. So i hadnt slept for 52 hours and felt like utter rubbish, i ended up putting little Stephen on a bottle - i ahted doing it as in really wanted to breastfeed him, but i was really depressed after having him, felt like jumping off a bridge. i thought changing him to a bottle was best for me! Hes settled down on a bottle now and has gained alot of weight, hes nearly 11 pounds now or a bit over!
Hes 26 inches now and looks a bit like me rather than his dad.
Hes now 5 weeks and 6 days old, time passes so quickly...
Hes such a hungry baby - taking 5 ounces every 3 hours but still want 2/3 ounces inbetween, so changed him to the hungrier baby milk but he still seems just as hungry!Im so inlove <3

Heres some pictures of my Little Blob -

Introducing -

Stephen Alexander Muir















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[07 Sep 2004|08:28pm]
38 weeks & 5 Days so far...

Got an antenatal appointment 2moro, really wish baby blob would hurry up! Im feeling too anxious and excited all at the same time!
Its weird to think that ive nearly been pregnant for 1/3 of a year!

Still sticking with the names we had -

Girl - Katelyn Leigh
Boy - Stephen Alexander!

I'll update 2moro after my antenatal appointment <3
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Hey [28 Aug 2004|05:19am]

37 weeks & 2 Days = 19 Days until my due date!

Not feeling too great, cant sleep have bad toothache - nothing will shift it =/ and been up and down to the toilet all night, i swear i cant stop peeing, its weird dont know whats up with me! Have to go to the toilet every 10 mintues - surely thats not right, pregnant or not pregnant?
Really dont feel too good =(
Not done much lately, went into Paisley to meet Laura & Eva yesterday, went to The Sports Bar and Laura bought me lunch =D It was good, cos i hadnt seen either of them for months and i missed them <3

Then went home & me and stephen ordered a pizza, was really nice! Not had a pizza in ages, was craving it badly!
Im so bored - Stephens fell asleep =(

Im so impatient i want my baby now!!
Hurry up baby...

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26 Days to go... [21 Aug 2004|12:30am]

Hey everyone!!
How are you all? Im okay apart from the bad back pains and feeling a little sick!
Had a hospital appointment today -
Everything seems good, my urine was clear, my blood pressure was fine, the baby is a good size so far but they think little Blob may be back to back with me, if she doesnt turn it might make labour difficult! (So i still think its a girl hehe)
Baby is still head down and very low but the head hasnt engaged yet =/ I really thought it had an all!
My SPD has got a bit better im able to walk a bit more.
Put on so much weight this month - 11 pounds
So far ive put on about - 26 pounds
My stretch marks are so horrible =(
My next hospital appointment isnt till my due date *fingers crossed* ive had the baby by then!
Got an antenatal appointment on the 1st

5 Days till im full term...
3 weeks and 5 days till my due date...

Washed most of the babies things, still got to sterilize all bottle, soothers and teethers! Wrote my birth plan, packed my labour bag!
Not got much more to do!
Got a camera so i can take pics for the baby book  =D

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34 Days to go... [13 Aug 2004|04:40am]
So exhausted, pregnancy has really taken all of my energy!
Got my next hospital appointment a week 2 day, Friday 20th August.
Baby has been kicking about like mad, just keeping my fingers crossed i dont go overdue!

Heres my guess - (we'll all see if im right lol)

Baby will be born - Sept 4th
Weighing - 8 pound 6
and it will be - A girl!

Im gonna go off 2 bed now, really tired! xxx
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6 weeks & 6 days to go... [30 Jul 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So exhausted but not been sick today...which makes a change!
Woke up this morning with stretching pains at my sides =(
Feeling scared cos my mum went 6 weeks early with me, just imagine I went at that time aswell, which would be 6 days away!
Asked my midwife about the possibility of me going early and she said she couldnt really say either way, but she did say the baby was big for the date i was given, so fingers crossed I go 2 weeks early!

Im getting more and more excited by the day - Got Stephen to speak 2 his mum about the house thing, so we can live here till January cos shes gonna stay in England till then - which is good cos it means me, Stephen and the baby can live together =)
Fingers crossed we get a council house in the next 5 months!

Being pregnant really makes me more moany, stressed and down than ive ever been, feel bad cos its mostly Stephen who gets it but sometimes I really cant help it =/

6 weeks & 6 days till my due date

3 weeks & 6 days till my baby is full term

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7 weeks left [29 Jul 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | content ]

Cravings for today - salt and vinegar Square =/

Still feeling awful tired today...
Feeling quite faint and it feels like my morning sickness is getting worse, getting really hungry prob cos when im eating its not really staying down =(
My next anti natal appointment is next week - wednesday - will get the results of my blood test to see whether im getting enough iron or not!
Got just about everything in for the baby but so anxious dont know how im gonna last for another 7 weeks, I want my baby now!
But i think baby Katelyn or Stephen is having to much fun inside my tummy!
Baby had a bad case of the hiccups today was so cute also feeling lots of movement down at my pelvic area, but i think its cos the baby has dropped.

Wish Stephens mum would just stay in England till next year so we could stay here till we get our own place (which doesnt seem to be going too well) Cos if his mum comes back up in October me and the baby will have to move in to my parents and it'll be weird me and stephen not living together!
I dunno how i would survive! =/

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Count Down - 51 Days [27 Jul 2004|01:32pm]

My Pregnancy Craving Today - Maltesers & Orange Juice

I really hate still having morning sickness especially at this stage - 51 days to go! Its getting too close, getting quite scared! Feeling really tired, got a blood test last week to see if i need iron, get the results next week - So that could maybe be why im tired!

Wrote out my Birth Plan today, which really scared me but then i thought 2 myself i know labour is going to be the most painful experience of my life but atleast i get something so wonderful out of it! <3

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Baby List [27 Jul 2004|01:06pm]
[ mood | content ]

Heres everything i have bought already and a few things i have still to get:-

(x)= Not got
(^)= Got

* Pram (^)
* Crib/Bumpers (^)
* Moses Basket/Stand (x)
* Baby Walker (x)
* High Chair (x)
* Bouncy Chair (^)
* 6 Cellular Blankets (x)
* 2 Fleece Blankets (^)
* 6 Cotton Sheets (^)
* Mattress Cover (^)
* Pram Cover (x)
* Cat Net (^)
* Cot Mobile (x)
* Baby Books (^)
* Nappies/Baby Wipes (^)
* Nappy bags (^)
* Nappy Bucket (x)
* Soothers (^)
* Teether (^)
* Teething Gel (^)
* Nappy Rash cream (x)
* Sterilizer/brush (^)
* Sterilizer Fluid (^)
* Breast Pump (^)
* Changing Bag (x)
* Changing Mat (^)
* Baby Bath (^)
* Baby Brush (^)
* Potty (^)
* Top and Tail Bowl (^)
* Baby Oil (^)
* Baby lotion (x)
* Talc/baby soap (^)
* Baby bath lotion/shampoo (^)
* Cotton Wool (^)
* Manicure Set (^)
* 8 Scratch Mitts (^)
* 16 Baby Socks (^)
* Booties (^)
* 40 Bibs (^)
* 6 cardigans (^)
* 2 Shawls (^)
* 4 baby towels with hoods (^)
* Soother Holder (^)
* Rattle (^)
* Car Seat (^)
* Vests (^)
* Stretch suits (^)
* Hats (^)
* Baby Carrier (^)
* Feeding Set (^)
* Training Bottle (^)
* Cotton Buds (^)
* Wrist Link (^)
* Mittens (^)
* Extra Bottle Teats (^)

* Birth Announcement Cards (^)

For me - For the hospital!

* Breast Pads (^)
* Maternity Pads (^)
* Energy Sweets (x)
* Nursing Bras (x)
* Nursing Nighties (x)
* Stretchmark Cream (^)
* Nipple Cream (^)
* Disposable Pants (^)

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[27 Jul 2004|11:37am]

Hiya my normal journal is: venusflaring Feel free to check it out cos this one will mainly be about baby stuff and anti natal appointments!

We dont know the sex of the baby yet, but my instincts are telling me its a girl, not bothered what sex the baby is, i'll be happy aslong as the baby is healthy!

my_blob -

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