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Hes here!!!

Oops i just realised i didnt update this after i had my baby...

So hmm i had a baby boy -

Stephen Alexander was born -
18th September 2004 @ 16:23
Weighing - 7 pound & 10 ounces
Measured - 20 inches

My waters broke at 06:15 on my due date 18th September had to rush straight to the hospital as there was meconium in my babies waters, so he was in distress. When i got there the midwife checked me and my labour wasnt progressing very well, so she put me onto a drip to speed up my labour as i had to deliver my baby quickly.

I was having horrible contractions on my back so after 4 hours of agonizing back ache(my baby was in a posterior position), i opted for an epidural, half an hour later it had kicked in and an hour after that i was ready to push! After 23 minutes of pushing my beautiful baby boy was born (I was so sure it was a girl =/ but very happy it was a boy as i really wanted a baby Stephen)
Little Stephen looked just like his daddy <3

My labour lasted 6 hours and 23 minutes...

Needed quite a few stitches on the inside and one on the outside. Started breastfeeding while i was at the hospital, went quite well at first but while i was there i didnt sleep at all cos the wee man was very unsettled and hungry a lot. So i hadnt slept for 52 hours and felt like utter rubbish, i ended up putting little Stephen on a bottle - i ahted doing it as in really wanted to breastfeed him, but i was really depressed after having him, felt like jumping off a bridge. i thought changing him to a bottle was best for me! Hes settled down on a bottle now and has gained alot of weight, hes nearly 11 pounds now or a bit over!
Hes 26 inches now and looks a bit like me rather than his dad.
Hes now 5 weeks and 6 days old, time passes so quickly...
Hes such a hungry baby - taking 5 ounces every 3 hours but still want 2/3 ounces inbetween, so changed him to the hungrier baby milk but he still seems just as hungry!Im so inlove <3

Heres some pictures of my Little Blob -

Introducing -

Stephen Alexander Muir
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