my_blob (my_blob) wrote,


37 weeks & 2 Days = 19 Days until my due date!

Not feeling too great, cant sleep have bad toothache - nothing will shift it =/ and been up and down to the toilet all night, i swear i cant stop peeing, its weird dont know whats up with me! Have to go to the toilet every 10 mintues - surely thats not right, pregnant or not pregnant?
Really dont feel too good =(
Not done much lately, went into Paisley to meet Laura & Eva yesterday, went to The Sports Bar and Laura bought me lunch =D It was good, cos i hadnt seen either of them for months and i missed them <3

Then went home & me and stephen ordered a pizza, was really nice! Not had a pizza in ages, was craving it badly!
Im so bored - Stephens fell asleep =(

Im so impatient i want my baby now!!
Hurry up baby...

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