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6 weeks & 6 days to go...

So exhausted but not been sick today...which makes a change!
Woke up this morning with stretching pains at my sides =(
Feeling scared cos my mum went 6 weeks early with me, just imagine I went at that time aswell, which would be 6 days away!
Asked my midwife about the possibility of me going early and she said she couldnt really say either way, but she did say the baby was big for the date i was given, so fingers crossed I go 2 weeks early!

Im getting more and more excited by the day - Got Stephen to speak 2 his mum about the house thing, so we can live here till January cos shes gonna stay in England till then - which is good cos it means me, Stephen and the baby can live together =)
Fingers crossed we get a council house in the next 5 months!

Being pregnant really makes me more moany, stressed and down than ive ever been, feel bad cos its mostly Stephen who gets it but sometimes I really cant help it =/

6 weeks & 6 days till my due date

3 weeks & 6 days till my baby is full term

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