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6 weeks & 6 days to go...

So exhausted but not been sick today...which makes a change!
Woke up this morning with stretching pains at my sides =(
Feeling scared cos my mum went 6 weeks early with me, just imagine I went at that time aswell, which would be 6 days away!
Asked my midwife about the possibility of me going early and she said she couldnt really say either way, but she did say the baby was big for the date i was given, so fingers crossed I go 2 weeks early!

Im getting more and more excited by the day - Got Stephen to speak 2 his mum about the house thing, so we can live here till January cos shes gonna stay in England till then - which is good cos it means me, Stephen and the baby can live together =)
Fingers crossed we get a council house in the next 5 months!

Being pregnant really makes me more moany, stressed and down than ive ever been, feel bad cos its mostly Stephen who gets it but sometimes I really cant help it =/

6 weeks & 6 days till my due date

3 weeks & 6 days till my baby is full term

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thats awsome his mom is stayin away for a little bit longer! yahoo!
and i'm worried i might go early 2, i was almost 8 weeks premature...and well everyone cept my brother on both sides of the family entered the world sooner than the doctors though.
8 weeks??
i thought i was bad at 6 weeks!
Where you okay being that premature?
I was fine apart from the cord was round my neck but i was a healthy enough weight at 6 pounds 6 ounces!
Hey! haha yeah i know 8 weeks! i was a fairly big baby though, i woulda been HUGE is my mom carried full term...i was 23 inchs long and 7lbs 4oz! long and thin! haha i was alright i guess...i had the cord around my neck and was blue and not breathing for almost the first 5 min i was out. they had the crash cart team in workin on me!
I turned a few times on my mom and I made the cord go around my neck very tightly they said. When they took me out they saw that I had my hand in the way of the cord, they said that if I wouldn't have it there, I would have been dead. That's why they call me "miracle baby" plus when I was born they had to get all the mucus out of my stomach because I had a build up of it(I still have problems when I've got a cold & during allergy season but it's not as bad as it used to be). I was a big baby, almost 8 lbs when she gave birth to me & that was big back then! :)

Well I'm sure that things will go fine & I hope that you get it done earlier if you wish to. Well talk to you later!
where you premature?
I had the cord wrapped round my neck and nearly died also!
no I wasn't premature, I was on time! My sis was premature by a few months. But I wasn't going to die, I had my hand in the way so I could still breathe. Other baby that was born on that day(or around that day)my mom said died because the cord was wrapped around its neck!