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7 weeks left

Cravings for today - salt and vinegar Square =/

Still feeling awful tired today...
Feeling quite faint and it feels like my morning sickness is getting worse, getting really hungry prob cos when im eating its not really staying down =(
My next anti natal appointment is next week - wednesday - will get the results of my blood test to see whether im getting enough iron or not!
Got just about everything in for the baby but so anxious dont know how im gonna last for another 7 weeks, I want my baby now!
But i think baby Katelyn or Stephen is having to much fun inside my tummy!
Baby had a bad case of the hiccups today was so cute also feeling lots of movement down at my pelvic area, but i think its cos the baby has dropped.

Wish Stephens mum would just stay in England till next year so we could stay here till we get our own place (which doesnt seem to be going too well) Cos if his mum comes back up in October me and the baby will have to move in to my parents and it'll be weird me and stephen not living together!
I dunno how i would survive! =/

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